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     Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company is North Carolina's premier backcountry fly fishing guide service. With over fifteen years of experience guiding and instructing professionally, our pro is a dedicated, friendly, and patient individual who truly enjoys both guiding and  teaching as well as relating some of the area's more colorful history. Located in Lenoir, NC. at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Harper Creek Co. is strategically located on the eastern face of the Eastern Continental Divide and thus we have easy access to numerous local streams. With an average annual rainfall of over five feet flowing over rich deposits of limestone and granite bedrock surrounded by dense hardwood forest, this area provides extensive, high quality, trout habit that provides the fly fishing angler an excellent opportunity to pursue wild trout in some of the most beautiful and pristine backcountry streams that the Southeast has to offer.


      For those of you looking to make an overnight trip to, or an extended stay in our area, Lenoir offers an excellent Bed and Breakfast and the areas surrounding Collettsville and Mortimer offer some very nice cabin rentals. Thus, if you would like more information on any of these subjects then please feel free to contact us or visit Our Services page.


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