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Custom Checkerboard Fly Rod Handle


Do you really love to fly fish? Then wouldn’t you really like to have a fly rod that it uniquely yours? One that is made to your specifications and designed specifically for the type of fishing that you pursue? Then look no further because we can build it for you!

At Harper Creek Custom Rods, we specialize in building superior quality custom fly rods to individual specifications. Also, each of our custom fly rods is meticulously handcrafted from the finest fly rod blanks available and we use top-of-the-line components from manufacturers such as REC, Bellinger, Arcane Component Works, Struble, Snake Brand, Hopkins & Holloway, and Recoil. Plus, we are happy to spend as much time as you would like conversing about the type of fly rod that you would like to have and the purpose for which you intend to use it so that we can properly meet your needs by building you the perfect fly rod for your particular purpose. Also, since we build each fly rod to your specifications, you get to specify the length, the line weight, the action, the type of  reel seat you would like to have, the design and size of your grip, the type and color of guides you want, and the color and trim pattern of the guide wraps. Thus, the finished rod that you receive will be uniquely yours and specifically designed for the type of fly fishing that you like to pursue instead a generic fly rod made for the masses!



Here are three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing you next fly rod:


  1. Why should I buy a custom rod instead of a factory rod?
  2. Is the builder that I am considering working with qualified to build me a custom rod?
  3. Why should I buy my custom rod from Harper Creek Custom Rods instead of someone else?




For the answers to these questions and more, follow the links listed below:



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How a Bamboo Fly Rod is Made

Why a Custom Fly Rod is Better

Our  Rod Building Process

Harper Creek Shop Series Graphite Fly Rods

Harper Creek Shop Series Fiberglass Fly Rods

Harper Creek Shop Series Bamboo Fly Rods

Custom Composite Fly Rods

Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

Custom Fly Reel Seats

Custom Fly Rod Grips

Custom Fly Rod Winding Checks

Custom Fly Rod Guides

How to Order a Custom Fly Rod

Custom Fly Rod Gift Certificates




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