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  Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Butt Wrap



      Here at Harper Creek Custom Rods, each of our custom bamboo fly rods is handcrafted to the customer's specifications using the finest components available. Also, each of our handcrafted bamboo fly rods receives a level of care and attention to detail that is simply not possible from a factory-produced fly rod where the workers are either paid by the number of rods they build in a day or are under the strictures of a quota to produce as many as possible per day. Therefore, we can either hand-carve a custom design fly rod grip from Flor or Select grade quality cork specifically for your new rod or, we have several other fine fly rod grip options available. In addition, we finish each of our fine graphite fly rods using components from manufacturers such as REC, Bellinger, Arcane Component, Snake Brand, Recoil, and Hopkins & Holloway; thus creating a beautiful work of art that you will be truly proud to own.



Bamboo Fly Rod with guide          Bamboo Fly Rod Ferrule Wrap




      Concerning the types of bamboo fly rods we build and their cost, we have three types of custom blanks available consisting of solid, hexagonal cross section, blanks, solid, quadrate cross section, blanks and, hollow, hexagonal cross section, blanks in your choice of lengths and tapers ranging from progressive to parabolic and from slow to fast and, they include hand fitted and hand lapped German nickel-silver ferrules.




Solid Hexagonal Bamboo Fly Rods -

      Custom solid hexagonal bamboo fly rods are available in your choice of number of pieces, lengths, and line weights.


  • Solid two piece rods with two tips start at: $1,150.00
  • Solid three piece rods with two tips start at: $1,250.00


     Note: All Harper Creek custom bamboo fly rods include both a rod bag and an aluminum rod tube. Shipping is free on all rods.



Solid Quadrate/Rectangular Tip Bamboo Fly Rods -

     A standard quadrate fly rod is a rod with four sides and a square cross section. In contrast, quadrate rectangular rods are made asymmetrical in cross section so that they are wider than they are tall. Creating a rod with this geometry results in action that is more stable, accurate, and dampens vibration better than a standard quad or hexagonal rod.



Bamboo Cross Section



     Rather than make rods that are a standard rectangle, that is a rod that is rectangular and proportionally the same in cross section from butt to tip, by gradually changing the geometry from a square, or symmetrical quad, in the butt section to a more rectangular, or asymetrical quad in the tip, you get a rod that is lighter in weight with the superior stiffness-to-weight ratio of a standard quad plus the true tracking, stability, and other advantages of a rectangular quad. So by tapering from a quad butt to a rectangular tip the result is a crisp, lively rod that is light in hand, resists twisting, is more accurate, and has a smooth dampening of vibration and tip bounce.


  • Quadrate solid two piece rods with two tips start at: $1,250.00
  • Quadrate solid three piece rods with two tips start at: $1,350.00


     Note: There is currently only one taper that is made in the Rectangular Quad format called the "RF Taper".  It is a medium fast action progressive taper with a strategic softening in the upper 1/4 of the blank.  It's a     smooth, powerful do it all, taper that has surprising delicacy and grace. 

     Note: All Harper Creek custom bamboo fly rods include both a rod bag and an aluminum rod tube. Shipping is free on all rods.



Hollow Hexagonal Bamboo Fly Rods -

      Hollow building a bamboo fly rod means exactly what you'd expect; material from the inside of a bamboo rod is removed leaving open spaces within. The purpose of removing the material is to make the rod lighter in weight and make it rebound and recover more quickly with less bounce and vibration. However, although there are many methods of hollow building, most methods have disadvantages; the most severe being a significant reduction in the overall strength of the rod.



Scalloped Bamboo Blank



      However, there is a method that provides an improvement in both strength and action first described and developed by E.C. Powell which involves removing small ovals of the softer, inner, pith of a beveled and shaped bamboo strip. By mirroring the ovals on each of the 6 identical strips of a hexagonal rod (or 4 strips for quads) you end up with small hollow ovals inside the finished rod. This method of manufacture is, as a friend put it, the closest to "OEM specs" of a bamboo Culm. In other words, like a Culm of bamboo, there are hollows that are reinforced by dams throughout the length of the Culm.

     Of course that is not the end of the story. The next step is to vary the length and wall thickness of the scallops inside the blank in order to improve specific desirable qualities. Longer, thinner walled, scallops are better suited for the thinner tip portions of a rod while, shorter, thicker walled, scallops keep butt sections from becoming weak or too soft.


  • Hexagonal hollow two piece rods with two tips start at: $1, 350.00
  • Hexagonal hollow three piece rods with two tips start at: $1, 450.00


     Note: All Harper Creek custom bamboo fly rods include both a rod bag and an aluminum rod tube. Shipping is free on all rods.




Western Grip




Reel Seats are available from: 

     Bellinger and REC Components



          REC LCRN          REC NSDS          REC NSGX





Guides are available from: 

    Struble, Arcane Component Works, Mildrum, Snake Brand, Hopkins & Holloway and, Recoil. 



Stuble Stripping Guide      Bamboo Fly Rod w/Agate Sripping Guide