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     Here at Harper Creek Custom Fly Rods, each of our custom graphite and fiberglass fly rods is handcrafted to the customer's specifications using the finest components avialable. Also, each of our customom handcrafted fly ros receives a level of care and attention to detail that is simply not possible from a factory fly rod where the builders are either paid by the number of rods they build each day or, are under the stricuures of a quota which forces them to build as many fly rods as possible as fast as possible. Therefore, because our custom graphtie and fiberglass fly rods are built individually without the need to to mass produce them, we can take the time necessary to carefully find the spine of each blank we work with so that the guides can be perfectly aligned with the spine which creates a smoother casting, more accurate, fly rod. Furthermore, we can either carve a custom design fly rod grip from Flor grade or Select grad Portuges cork specifically for your new custom fly rod or, you can choose one of our other custom fly grip options. In additon, we finish each of custom composite fly rods using componets from top of the line manufacturers such as Belinger, REC Components, Aerican Takckle, Arcance Component Works, Snake Brand, Recoil, and Hopkins & Holloway; thus creating a beautiful work of art that you will be proud to own! Last, each of our custom composite fly rods includes either a rod sock and an aluminum rod tube or, a subdivided nylon rod tube.

     Concernign the types of cusotm composite fly rods we build and their cost, we build all types of fly rods from tiny 1 wt. fly rods for fly fishing native Brook Trout streams to switch rods for tackeling big water to spey, surf and, saltwater fly rods. Also, blanks are avialable from most of the major fly rod maufacturers such as Sage, Winston, Thomas & Thomas and, Orivs.

      Plus, we also have wide range of custom graphite and fiberglass fly blanks available in your choice of actions, lengths, and line weights to best suite your particular needs and, although the standard finish on these blanks is a natural, unsanded, graphite or fiberglass, they can be sanded and custom painted to order.



  • Custom graphite and fiberglass fly rods usually range in cost from $350.00 to $850.00 but, can cost more depending on your choice of components.




Fly Rod Guide Wraps          Fly Rod Guide Wraps          





Rod blanks are available from:






St. Croix


Pacific Bay

R. L. Winston

Thomas & Thomas

Temple Fork Outfitters



Reel seats are available from:



American Tackle



Guides are availabe from:





     Snake Brand

     Hopkins & Holloway

     Arcane Component Works




Note: All custom fly rods include either a rod sock and an aluminum rod tube or, a subdivided nylon rod tube.


                                      Fly Rod Sock         Aluminum Fly Rod Tube



                                                                Nylon Rod Tube