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Custom Fly Rod Grips




     All Harper Creek custom fly rods feature either a custom carved fly rod grip made from your choice of super-high quality Flor Grade cork or Super Grade cork carved into one of our proprietary custom shapes or shaped to your specifications. However, standard fly rod grips shapes are also available in your choice of Flor Grade or Select Grade cork in addition to our other custom fly rod grip options (cork is graded according to the number of holes it has with Flor having the least and Select having the most). In fact, our builder has the ability to carve a custom grip to your specifications or alter the length and/or diameter of any of the standard shape grips to suite your particular preferences. Also, our builder has designed a modified version of the standard Ultrafine grip that is extremely ergonomic and which provides an angler excellent control over the tip of the rod for precision casting and, he has also designed two modified versions of the Full Wells grip that are also extremely ergonomic and which provide an excellent compromise between precision and power.



Natural, Composite, & Figured Custom Cork Fly Rod Grips -

     For larger fly rods size 5 wt. and up, our rodsmith has designed two different versions of his "Modified Full Wells" grip that are extremely ergonomic and provide an excellent combination of precision and power. Then, for smaller fly rods size 4 wt. or less, our rodsmith has designed a modified version of the standard Ultrafine grip that is far more ergonomic than the usual grip design and also provides superior control over the tip of the rod for precision fly casting at short to medium ranges in tight quarters.



Custom Cork Grips

Modified Full Wells and Modified Ultrafine



     Please note: Although the two Modified Full Wells grips pictured above may appear to be the same at first glance, the difference between the two versions is that on one version, the peak occurs at the juncture between the third and fourth ring and it has a smaller neck and thus, it is designed for precision whereas, on the other version the peak occurs at the juncture between the fourth and fifth ring and it has a larger neck and thus, it is designed for power. However, keep in mind that all three custom grip designs can be made in small, medium, and large diameters to accommodate anglers with different sized hands.


     Also, they can be made from your choice of three different grades of natural cork rings for an understated, but elegant, traditional look or, they can be constructed from either coarse or fine burl cork rings in your choice of natural, brown, red, green, or blue colors to match the color of your rod bank. In addition, they can be mixed by combining natural cork rings with colored burl cork trim rings and end rings to add a little decoration while retaining an elegantly conservative appearance. In addition, both natural and composite cork rings can be combined to create patterns such as fish, diamonds, spirals, and checkerboards.



The Different Gades of Cork

The Different Grades of Cork


          Colored Coarse Burl Cork Rings       fine burl cork rings - copy   

               Coarse Burl Cork Rings                                      Fine Burl Cork Rings




Custom Cork Pattern    Custom Cork Grip

Cork Grip Display






Batson Forecast Custom Cork/Composite Fly Rod Grips -

     Available in your choice of Reversed Half Wells or Full Wells desings and made from Super Grade cork with custom, high density, cork composite (HDCC) inlays for the ultimate custom look.



Batson Forecast Custom Fly Rod Grips





American Tackle Wood Trimmed Custom Cork Fly Rod Grips -

     American Tackle wood trimmed Reversed Half Wells fly rod grips are made from Flor Grade Portuguese cork and trimmed in your choice of Rosewood, Burl Rosewood, Dragonwood, or Jadewood exotic hardwoods and are designed to fit American Tackle 3UL reel seats (recommended for freshwater fly rods casting line weights 1 through 6).



American Tackle Custom Fly Rod Grips          American Tackle 3UL Reel Seat






Custom Burl Wood Reversed Half Wells Fly Rod Grip w/Matching Fly Reel Seat -

      Exotic, mortised, burl wood and faux engraved aluminum, uplocking, reel seat with matching, Reversed Half Wells, burl wood fly rod grip.


     Burl Wood Reverse Half Wells Grip      Deluxe Slide Band Aluminum Reel Seat      Deluxe Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat





Winn Custom Polymer Fly Rod Grip -


     These fly rod grips are made from polymer technology for a great feel and performance in all weather conditions. Also, they are available in your choice of Western or Full Wells grip shapes as well as your choice of natural or burganday colors with fish scale or fly patterns respectively. Plus, matching fighting butts are also available to match you choice of fly rod grips.



    Winn_Fly_Rod_Grips             Winn Fighting Butts






Maniform Custom Cork Fly Rod Grip -

     Made from your choice of Super Grade or Flor grade Portuguese cork, Maniform fly grips are designed to be ergonomically correct and reduce the strain on the wrist when fly casting. Thus, they may look strange but they are VERY comfortable!

Maniform Cork Grip

Maniform Cork Fly Rod Grip




Standard Design Cork Fly Rod Grips:

     Made from Flor grade Portuguese cork and available in your choice of standard designs consisting of: Ultrafine, Reversed Half Wells, Full Wells, Cigar, and Half Wells grips (pictured left to right below).


Note:  The Ultrafine, Reversed Half Wells, and Full Wells grips were all designed for use with uplocking reel seats. whereas, the Cigar and Half Wells (aka Western) grips were specifically designed for use with downlocking reel seats.



Ultrafine Cork Grip Full Wells Cork Grip

Cigar Cork Girip


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