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Custom Fly Rod Guide Options


      All Harper Creek custom fly rods feature your choice Struble nickel-silver/agate stripping guides, Arcane Components Works nickel silver/agate stripping guides, Snake Brand Stripping Guides or, Fuji SiC concept single foot gunsmoke or titanium stripping guides accompanied by matching wire snake guides or Fuji single foot fly guides with your choice of wrap colors in either Japanese Silk or Fuji Ultra Poly nylon.


Struble Nickel-Silver Stripping Guides w/Fine Agate Inserts -

      Struble agate stripping guides feature handcrafted nickel-silver guide frames with fine agate inserts in your choice of light amber, medium amber, dark amber, red orange, seafoam green emerald green, and black.


Nickel Silver/Agate Stripping Guide



     Light Amber Agate     Medium Amber Agate     Dark Amber Agate         Red Orange Agate


                                            Seafoam Green Agate     Emearald Green Agate     Black Agate





Arcane Components Nickel-Silver Stripping Guides w/Fine Agate Inserts - 

      Arcane Components Works agate stripping guides feature handcrafted nickel-silver guide frames with fine agate inserts in your choice of red agate, red banded agate, or midnight agate.


                                                       Arcacne Componets Red Banded Agate     Arcacne Componets Red Agate    




Hopkins & Holloway Stripping, Wire Snake, & Tip Guides -

     Hopkins & Holloway wire snake guides are made in England with the utmost precision in order to meet the most exacting standards. Thus, they are commonly considered the best wire snake guides available today. The thin wire guides use a .024 diameter wire that is 30% to 40% lighter than standard snake guides. In addition, the bright, Hard Chrome, finish forms the base for the black, Diamond-Like-Carbon, finish and, both finishes will protect the metal underneath from harsh environments. Plus, the Diamond Like Carbon finish has a signiftcantly lower coefficient of friction than the standard hard chrome finish and thus, DLC guides will allow a fly line to be cast further than hard chrome snake guides.


H & H Sripping Guide          H & H Snake Guide




Snake Brand Universal Stripping, Wire Snake, & Tip Guides -

     Snake Brand Universal Guides are constructed of high quality stainless steel and feature the same exceptional quality that has made Snake Brand, Inc. the market leader in the development of light wire snake guides. In fact, they are the only brand of wire snake guide that features feet that are consistent in length, have tapered ends, and fit the contour of a round fly rod blank. Also, they feature a circular helix in lieu of the conventional teardrop helix of foreign guides. Last, they are available with your choice of hard chrome or black nickel finishes.



Snake Brand Stripping Guides               Snake Brand Snake Guides



Recoil Wire Stripping, Wire Snake, & Tip Guides -

     Recoil wire snake guides are made from a special nickel/titanium alloy with unique physical properties. Until now, rod guides have been plated or have used ceramic inserts to provide wear resistance but, Recoil guides are made from an extremely hard, but flexible, "Shape Memory" alloy which does not require plating, cannot corrode in any environment, and returns to its original shape even after repeated deformations.



Recoil Chrome Stipping Guide          Recoil Black Pearl Stipping Guide

Recoil Nickel/Titanium Alloy Stripping Guides


recoil chrome snake guide - copy          Recoil Black Pearl Snake Guide

           Titanium                       Black Pearl Titanium



Pacific Bay Stripping, Wire Snake, & Tip Guides -

     Stainless steel construction with an industrial, hard chrome, plating. Features an industry standard high, rounded, arch design.


Pacific Bay Stripping Guides

Pacific Bay Stripping Guides


Pacific Bay Hard Chrome Snake Guides          Pacific Bay Black Chrome Snake Guides          Pacific Bay Titanium Nitride Snake Guides

TiChrome                   Black  Hard                   TiGold



Fuji Concept SiC Stripping, Single Foot, and Tip Guides:

     Fuji rod guides are an industry standard on high quality fishing rods of all types and are available with three different types on inserts consisting of Aluminum Oxide, Hardloy, and Silicone Carbide with the SiC inserts being the hardest of the three materials; thus generating the least amount of friction between the insert and the fly line. Also, due to their completely enclosed design, single foot fly rod guides prevent the fly line from coming into contact with the rod blank when casting and thus, they provide greater casting distance than wire snake guides. Therefore Fuji's SiC Concept Titanium Frame Single Foot Fly Rod Guides represent the top of the line in fly rod guides and thus, they are the ultimate choice for both big game freshwater and saltwater fly rods and they are available in your choice of bright titanium or gunsmoke finishes.



Fuji Gunsmoke SiC Stripping Guide          Fuji Titanium SiC Stripping Guide          Fuji Titanium SiC Siinglefoot Guide


                                                 Gunsmoke SiC                                                          Titanium SiC




Japanese Silk Guide Wraps- 

      In order to secure the guides to the blank, we use high quality Japanese silk wrapping thread on all of our fly rods unless nylon is specified.  In addition, guide wraps can easily range from mild to wild depending on the taste of the recipient and trim rings can add a touch of elegant class to an otherwise understated wrap. Thus, our builder will be happy to wrap your new custom rod in any color combination you would like. However, because we have found that certain color combinations seem to be more aesthetically pleasing to the majority of people, we would be happy to make suggestions concerning wrap and trim ring colors if you would like.



Japanese Silk Wrapping Thread




Row 1- White, Bright Yellow, Antique Gold, Copper, Goldenrod, Orange, Lt. Mauve, Primrose, True Scarlet, Chinese Red, Rust Red, Maroon.

Row 2 - Lavender, Mauve, Dusty Purple, Lilac, Deep Plum, Rose, Fuchsia, Purple, Light Blue, Sea Green, Teal.

Row 3 - Lime Green, Grainger Green, Light Olive, Dark Olive, Spring Green, Emerald, Evergreen, Beige, Medium Brown, Chestnut, Silver, Grey, Black.

Row 4 (metallic threads) - Red Rainbow, Blue Rainbow, Gold, Salmon, Pink, Chestnut, Seafoam, Light Olive, Medium Blue.





Nylon Guide Wraps-

      At you request, we can also use nylon to secure the guides to the blank and, we use high quality Fuji Ultra Poly nylon wrapping thread.  In addition, like our silk guide wraps, our nylon guide wraps can easily range from mild to wild depending on the recipient's taste and, trim rings can be added to accent the wraps. Thus, our builder will be happy to wrap your new custom rod in any color combination you would like.



Fuji Ultra Poly Thread


Fuji Ultra Poly Color Chart


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