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     While the golden age of bamboo may have given way to lighter, faster, graphite fly rods, the fact is that bamboo fly rods are both classic and timeless! A completely natural material and, one of the oldest materials to be used to build fly rods, there is something unexplainably pleasing  about owning and fishing with a classic bamboo fly rod.

      Therefore, at Harper Creek Custom Rods, we meticulously handcraft each of our Old School series custom fiberglass fly rods using custom made, 1 piece or, 2 piece blank with a classic Payne taper. Also, each of our handcrafted bamboo fly rods receives a level of care and attention to detail that is simply not possible from a factory-produced fly rod where the workers are either paid by the number of rods they build in a day or, are under the strictures of a quota to produce as many as possible per day. Therefore, we can afford to take the time necessary to straighten the blank and then, we hand-carve a custom designed fly rod grip from Flor grade cork for each rod we build prior to assembly!


Fly Rod Action -


      The action of a fly rod is determined by the percentage of the blank that normally bends during casting. For instance, a Moderate-Fast blank bends from 1/3 to 2/5 of the way down the blank when casting. See the chart below:

Blank Action

Bend %age

Extra Fast
Fast 15-25%
Medium Fast 25-35%
Moderate Fast 35-40%
Moderate 50%
Slow 100%




Harper Creek "Old School" Shop Series custom bamboo fly rods -


     Harper Creek :"Old School" sereis custom bamboo fly rods are the perfect choice for thos fly anglers who prefera a more firendly fly rod that moves at a slightly slower pace. Specifically designed to load easily at short ranges and yet, are still capable of launching a 40 foot cast with ease, the Harper Creek Old School series is the ultimate fly rod for fly fishermen who like to fish small, mountain, Spring Creeks and/or placid Limestone Streams.

     In additon, all Haprer Cree Old School series custom bamboo fly rods feature hand-crafted, flamed, heat treated, hexagonal, bamboo blanks (made in the U.S.A.) and include your choice of eiter a Bellinger "Payne" modle nickel silver, slide band, downlocking, reel seat with a stabilized Amboyna burl wood insert or, an REC, model NSGX, nickel silver, threaded barrel, uplocking reel seat with a stabilized Amboyna burl wood instert, a Flor grade, custom, Modified Ultrafine cork grip or, a Flor grade, custom, Modified Full Wells grip and, a hexagonal, nickel silver, winding check. In additon, they also a Struble, nickel silver, stripping guide with a coffee agate instert and, bright chrome, double foot, Snake Brand Universial Wire Guides wrapped with marron silk thread and maroon and metalic silver trim rings with a matching decretive butt wrap.


  • Single tip "Old School" series custom bamboo fly rods: $800.00
  • Dual tip "Old School" series custom bamboo fly rods: $950.00



Note: All Haper Creek Old Shcool sereis custom bamboo fly rods (except one) include two tips, a rod sock and, an aluminum rod tube. Shipping is free on all fly rods.


Harper Creek "Old School" Shop Series bamboo fly rods are available in:


      Taper              No. Pcs.                  Action                      Length            Line Wt.

       #98                  2 pc.                          Fast                             7'                     4 wt.


       #98                  2 pc. + 1                   Fast                             7'                     4 wt.

       #100                2 pc. + 1                   Fast                           7' 6"                  4 wt.

       #214                2 pc. + 1               Parabolic                      7' 9"                  5 wt.

       #102                2 pc. + 1            Medium Fast                    8'                      5 wt.



*Note: Any Harper Creek Old School series custom bamboo fly rod can be customized to your specifications by changing the reel seat, the insert, the grip shape, the guides, and/or the guide wrap colors to your specifications.


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