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Custom Fiberglass Fly Rods


     Glass fly rods are without a doubt, in a class all their own! Thus, Harper Creek Vintage Series custom, two-piece, slow-action, fiberglass fly rods offer an action that is unlike standard graphite fly options. Of course, their main virtue lies in their ability create an incredible parabolic arc during casting which results in an utraforgiving action and a feel that is very similar to bamboo.


      Thus, here at Harper Creek Custom Rods, we meticulously handcraft each of our Vintage Series custom graphite fly rods using custom made, 2 piece, E-glass fiberglass blanks with slow actions. Also, each of our handcrafted fiberglass fly rods receives a level of care and attention to detail that is simply not possible from a factory-produced fly rod where the workers are either paid by the number of rods they build in a day or, are under the strictures of a quota to produce as many as possible per day. Therefore, we can afford to take the time necessary to find the spine of each section of the rod blank and then, we hand-carve a custom designed fly rod grip from Flor grade cork for each rod we build prior to assembly!


Fly Rod Action -

      The action of a fly rod is determined by the percentage of the blank that normally bends during casting. For instance, a Moderate-Fast blank bends from 1/3 to 2/5 of the way down the blank when casting. See the chart below:

Blank Action

Bend %age

Extra Fast
Fast 15-25%
Medium Fast 25-35%
Moderate Fast 35-40%
Moderate 50%
Slow 100%



Harper Creek "Vintage" Shop Series custom fiberglass fly rods -


      Harper Creek :"Old School" sereis custom bamboo fly rods are the perfect choice for thos fly anglers who prefera a more firendly fly rod that moves at a slightly slower pace. Specifically designed to load easily at short ranges and yet, are still capable of launching a 40 foot cast with ease, the Harper Creek Old School series is the ultimate fly rod for fly fishermen who like to fish small, mountain, Spring Creeks and/or placid Limestone Streams.

     In additon, all Harper Creek Vintage series custom fly rods feature a honey colored E-glass blank and include an REC, model NMB, nickel silver, uplocking, reel seat with a stabilized Boxelder burl wood insert, a  Flor grade, custom, Modified Ulrafine cork grip, a nickel silver winding check, an Arcane Component Works nickel silver stripping guide with a yellow agate insert and, bright chome, double foot, Snake Brand Univesial Wire Guide wrapped in maroon silk wraps and maroon and metallic sliver trim rings with a matching decrretive butt wrap.


  • Two Piece Vintage sereis custom fiberglass fly rods: $650.00



Note: All Harper Creek Vintage series custom fiberglass fly rods include a rod sock and an aluminum rod tube. Shipping is free on all fly rods.




Harper Creek "Vintage" Shop Series fly rods are available in:


     No. Pcs.              Action               Length             Line Wt.

        2 pc.                Moderate                6' 6"                  3 wt.

        2 pc.                Moderate                 7'                      3 wt.

        2 pc.                Moderate               7' 6"                   4 wt.  

        2 pc.                Moderate                 8'                      5 wt.


*Note: Any Harper Creek Vintage Series custom fiberglass fly rod can be customized to your specifications by changing the reel seat, the insert, the grip shape, the guides, and/or the guide wrap colors to your specifications.