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Do Trout Get Cranky?

by Doc Trout


     Before you laugh, think about the question a minute. Then, imagine living in a house with a living room that you can only inhabit for a few days each month because the ceiling descends between periods of rainfall. Or, imagine having a constant, 30 mph. wind blowing through your house that accelerates to the speed of a tornado whenever it rains. Or, imagine your air conditioner breaking down and the air in your house becoming so hot and humid that you literally suffocate to death! Now, imagine that in addition to all of these environmental problems, there are various creatures out there such as Otters and Herons that would really like to catch you and eat you for dinner. So, you can never, ever, let your guard down even for a moment!!! Then, ask yourself if being under that much stress wouldn't make you cranky? So, maybe it makes trout cranky too.