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Humans, and Birds, and Bears! Oh, No!

by Doc Trout

     Why do trout run every time they catch even a glimpse of a human? Is it because somewhere in that tiny little pea sized brain of theirs, they somehow know that humans carry fishing rods and fake food with those pointy metal things in them? Somehow, I don't think so. Or, is it because they are genetically predisposed to run from anything that moves? Well, maybe. But, I suspect that the real reason that trout run from humans is because we look suspiciously like another predator that they are very familiar with: a bear. In fact, it is a common tactic for a bear to wade into the water and then stand on its hind legs while looking for fish to seize and, since trout do have pea sized brains, I don't believe that they have enough sense to realize that there is a difference between a human and a bear. So, as far as the trout are concerned, if it moves, run! If in doesn't move, run anyway!