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Orivs Battenkill II Fly Reel -

By Doc Trout


I have always liked Orvis fly reels; especially the original, made in England, Orvis C.F.O series and Battenkill Disc series. Thus, it often frustrates me that they change models so often! Fortunately, I have not purchased a new Orvis fly reel since I purchased my Orvis Mid-Arbor III and Mid-Arbor IV and thus, most everything that has come and gone since then has done so without my notice. However, I was recently in need of a new reel for my clients to use and thus, I decided to purchase one of the new Orvis Battenkill II reels. However, when it arrived and I finally got a good look at it, I immediately realized that the picture in the Orvis catalog did not do this extremely fine reel justice! In fact, with an overall weight that rivals that of the original Orvis C.F.O. series (some of the lightest fly reels ever produced) and a spool that resembles that of the Battenkill Disc combined with a black chrome finish that is one prettiest finishes Orvis has ever produced, I simply could not bring myself to lend it to my clients! Thus, I have since decided to purchase another one a size larger and then mate them with my vintage Orvis Superfine "Small Stream" 7ft. 5wt. and my Superfine "Far & Fine" 7ft. 9in. 5wt. and lend a different reel to my clients.