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The Importance of Good Customer Service

by Doc Trout



     I find that as I get older, good customer service had become far more important to me than it used to be when I was younger. However, it seems to me that many companies these days and especially those in the fly fishing business seem to either have forgotten this concept or choose ignore it all together. In fact, the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever received has come from Orvis and my second worst experience has come from Cortland.


     For instance, I have an Orvis Rocky Mountain series "Far & Fine" 7'9" 5wt. fly rod that unfortunately got broken in a fall a while back. So, I sent it back to Orvis for repair but when I received the replacement rod, I noticed that it lacked the usual writing on the blank which designates the length and line weight. So, after sending three e-mails to Orvis concerning the matter to which I received no reply, I called Orvis and was told that I needed to speak to a woman named Leone who apparently runs the rod shop there. But, since she was not available at the time I left a message on her voice mail to which I once again did not receive any reply. Consequently, I was forced to make two more calls to her before I was finally able to speak with her and she informed me that she had spoken to the fellows in the rod shop who told her that they were unable to stencil the writing on the blank. However, since the rod that I sent back to them was marked, I failed to understand why they were unable to do so again. Then, I spoke to a friend who also had returned a broken Superfine series "Far & Fine" to Orvis for repair after I returned mine but his rod was returned with the markings stenciled on the blank as it was suppose to be. Thus, I am forced to come to the conclusion that I have been intentionally lied to by this woman.


     In addition, I have repeatedly had the same experience with this same woman concerning some items that I ordered and then later returned to Orvis because the order was not filled correctly and then I had to wait approximately six weeks before receiving the exchange items!


     In addition, I have also had cause to contact the Customer Service department at Cortland Line Company upon a couple of occasions concerning two different matters and although I have sent numerous e-mails to them, they have chosen to ignore my e-mails altogether; thus forcing me to call them. However, when I finally did so, I received far less than courteous service from them.


     Consequently, I have resolved not to deal with either company again in the future and I now refuse to purchase their products; nor will I recommend their products to anyone. So, as the old adage goes: "Let the buyer beware".