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Online Master Fly Fishing Course:

A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing For Trout!



Fly Fishing Instruction


     For those of you who would like to learn everything our professional fly fishing instructor has to teach you but, who live too far away to make the trip to western North Carolina to fish with him in person, then we now have a comprehensive, online, fly fishing course available at our Harper Creek Outdoor Academy where you will learn everythng you need to know to become a successfu fly fisherman! So, enroll now in our new fly fishing course titled:


A Comprehensive Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout!

A Guide's Guide to the Ancient Art of Fly Fishing


This course presents 48, in depth, text lectures (a $1,410 value) fully illustrated by numerous pictures and diagrams that teach you everything you need to know about the ancient art of fly fishing!

Click here to enroll now for only $150 and receive an added bonus!


Course Description:

     Created by a professional fly fishing guide, instructor, and outdoor author with over thirty-five years of fly fishing experience and, over 1,500 articles and nine books to his credit, this master fly fisihng course is divided into 5 sections consisting of: 


  • What to know before wading into the art of fly fishing
  • All about fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, fly leaders, and fly fishing knots
  • Trout and their environment
  • Trout foods and their imitations
  • Approach, presentation, and short range fly casting techniques



     Therefore, becasue this course is designed to be a truly comprehensive guide to the art of freshwater stream fly fishing based upon the lifetime of hours the author has spent on the stream observing trout behavior, it not only contains proprietary fly fishing information that you will not find elsewhere, it also presents the information in an unique manner that has proven to be extremely successful at teaching students the art of fly fishing! Therefore, the five sections listed above are further divided into 38 lectures on each of the following topics:


  • What you need to know to get started fly fishing
  • How to Find Places to Fly Fish
  • Not Just for Trout Anymore
  •  Why Hire a Fly Fishing Guide 
  •  How to Select a Fly Rod
  •  How to Select a Fly Reel
  •  How to Select a Fly Line
  •  How to Select a Fly Leader
  •  Fly Fishing Knots Made Simple
  •  The Three Most Common Trout Species 
  •  How to Identify Each Trout Species
  •  An Insight into Trout Mentality
  •  A Trout's Preferred Habitat by Species
  •  The Three Types of Trout Lies
  •  The Effects of Barometric Pressure on Trout
  •  Trout Foods and Their Imitations
  •  The Different Types of Trout Flies
  •  How to Choose a Fly Selection
  •  How to Read a Trout Stream
  •  How to Approach a Trout Lie
  •  Basic Short Range Fly Casting Technique
  •  Advanced Short Range Fly Casting Techniques 
  •  And much more! 


Extra Bonus:

     By enrolling in this master fly fishing course, you not only get all of the information presented in each of our five mini fly fishing courses, you also receive an added discount of $40.00 over the cost of purchasing each mini course separately!



Click here to enroll now for only $150!