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What To Carry In Your Fly Vest Or Pack


What to Carry In Your Fly Vest or Pack



Fly Fishing Vest



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     In my capacity as a backcountry fly fishing guide, I am often asked by novices what items they should carry in their vest or pack. Thus, I have created the following list of items based upon my experience and the items that I carry in both my fly vest and my fly pack; some of which I consider to be essential and some that I consider to be useful but not absolutely necessary. However, since both fly fishermen and opinions vary greatly, this list meant to be a guide, not a rule. Thus, more experienced fly fishermen may feel the need to add or delete items as they see fit.



Must Have Items                            Useful Items

Fly Assortments-







Nylon Leaders - 4x, 5x

Nylon Tippet Material - 4x, 5x

Fluorocarbon Leaders - 2x, 3x, 4x

Fluorocarbon Tippet Material - 2x, 3x, 4x


Fly Floatant Gel

Fly Sink Gel (wetting agent for nymphs)




Stream Thermometer

Retractable Ruler

Dry Fly Desiccant

Strike Indicators - Florecent Yarn/O-ring

Mini split-shot Assortment


Toilet Paper 

Furled Leaders (uni-thread or monofilament)

Fly Floatant Paste (uni-thread furled leaders)

Sink-tip System

Braided Loop Connectors

Lighter (for shrink tubing)

Dennison Leader Vise (for tying Blood Knots)


Pocket Knife

Whistle (emergency signal device)



Sunglasses w/lightly tinted, polarized, lenses

Sun block


Waterproof Digital Camera


Florescent Trail Marker Tape


Extra Batteries

First Aid kit

Emergency rain poncho

Emergency Space Blanket

Waterproof matches

Fire Starter





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