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How to tie the Arbor Knot


The Arbor Knot


Arbor Knot




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    The "Arbor Knot" is a very simple knot that is used to attach the fly line backing to the arbor of the fly reel. However, even though it is the first knot used in the fly line backing to fly line to fly leader system, it is probably the least used knot of all fly fishing knots because most fly fishermen will only have a need for it once or twice in their entire careers as fly fishermen.


     To tie this knot, loop the fly line backing around the arbor of the fly reel, then tie a simple overhand knot around the fly line backing. Then, tie another overhand knot just above the first knot (see illustration). Then, grasp the fly line backing behind the first knot you tied and pull it until the second knot abuts the first knot. Thus, locking it in place.











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