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How to tie the Clinch Knot


The Clinch Knot & Improved Clinch Knot


Clinch Knot





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     As a fly fishermen, regardless whether you use the Clinch Knot or the Improved Clinch Knot, you will use this knot more often than any other fly fishing knot because it is the knot that is used for attaching the tippet to the fly.



The Cinch Knot  (aka Fisherman's Knot) - 



First, pass the end of the leader through the eye of the hook.  Then, wrap the leader around itself exactly five times (research has shown that five turns creates the strongest knot).






Second, thread the end of the leader through the small loop above the eye and then, back through the big loop.






3) Last, grasp the leader and the fly and pull the coils tight against the eye of the hook.




4)  Last, clip off the tag end of the leader.


The Improved Clinch Knot - 



Insert the leader through the eye of the hook.



Then, insert the end of the leader through the loop you just created. Next, moisten the loop with saliva.



Next, wrap the leader around itself exactly five times.



Last, slowly tighten the knot by pulling on the leader with one hand and the hook with the other.



Next, insert the leader through the loop next to the eye of the hook.




To loosen the knot, grasp the knot next to the eye of the hook with the nails of your thumb and index fingers and pull.







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