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How to book a fly fishing trip with us

 How To Book A Trip With Us


     Since our rates are considerably lower than those of the other local fly shops, our guide's calendar tends to fill fast. Thus, it is wise to book ahead as soon as possible. To book a trip with us, please send us an e-mail via our contact page and let us know if you are interested in guide service or instruction. Also, please tell us a bit about yourself, your previous fishing experience, your previous fly fishing experience, your gear (if any), your physical condition, and any special considerations we should be aware of.



Booking and Cancellation Policies-

     Here at Harper Creek Fly Fishing Company, we strive to accommodate our client's needs by designing trips that are specifically suited to each angler's skill level and personal goals. Thus, booking a trip with us and then cancelling for whatever reason poses a serious infringement upon our time and effort on your behalf and may hinder our ability to book another angler on your chosen date. Thus, we have established the following booking and cancellations policies:


Booking Policy-

     A 50% deposit is required upon booking to secure your desired date and is payable via personal check. The balance is payable to your guide or instructor upon completion of your trip. Gratuities are appreciated for all service related activities and should be given directly to your guide in addition to the other half of your payment at the end of the trip. Please note: guides should be tipped in accordance with the quality of the service provided, not by how many  fish you catch. 


Please send booking deposits via personal check made payable to Bill Bernhardt to the following address:

      Bill Bernhardt

     C/O Harper Creek Fly Fishing Co.

     1627 Draco Rd.

     Lenoir, NC.




Cancellation Policy-

     Please note that booking deposits are non-refundable. But, if you cancel your trip 10 days or more prior to your scheduled date, you can use your deposit to re-book another date of your choosing within thirty days of your scheduled date. However, if you cancel your trip less than 10 days prior to your scheduled date, and we cannot re-book that date, we will expect full payment for the trip. On the other hand, if we are able to rebook the trip, your deposit is your only payment. Last, please note that exceptions will be made due to rain. In this case, your trip will either be rescheduled to a date of your choosing or your booking deposit will be refunded in full at your discretion.





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