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Professional Fly Fishing Instruction

Picture of fly casting on Wilson Creek    


     For those of you who are just now entering the sport of fly fishing or would like to learn more about the basics of fly casting, equipment selection, fly selection, how to read a trout stream, and how to present a fly to the fish, we have developed a series of three novice lessons that have received considerable acclaim from our students. In order to be successful at any type of fishing, an angler must first have a basic understanding of how the fish perceives its world. Thus, our first novice lesson starts with a series of short lectures designed to teach the angler about the trout’s environment and progresses into a two-part casting lesson that begins with a yard-casting session and finishes with an on-water casting session specifically designed to provide a significant improvement in an angler’s casting efficiency and accuracy. Next, we teach basic streamside skills such as how to read the water and how to recognize and identify aquatic insects, as well as providing an explanation of the different categories of flies and how to fish with them coupled with actual practice in the tactics necessary to locate and catch fish. Also, we reinforce each lesson with visual aids, demonstrations, and lecture along with on-water practice in order to make it easier for our students to retain the knowledge that we impart.


     Therefore, since we understand exactly what novices need to learn in order to become successful anglers and how to teach them, we have chosen to present our first novice lesson on a local Hatchery Supported stream where anglers will have the opportunity to catch Brook, and Rainbow trout on a pristine mountain stream. In addition, this stream is easily accessed from the road and there is plenty of casting room for novices.



***Guided Fly Fishing Lessons are availabe year round except for March 1st to April 7th***



Rates for fly fishing lessons- 

• Full day for one angler: $150.00

• Full day for two anglers: $250.00

• Multiple days for one angler: $125.00 for the first day; $225.00 per extra day

• Multiple days for two anglers: $350.00 for the first day; $300.00 per extra day

• Overnight trips are available upon request

• Gratuities are appreciated


***Please note: Hatchery Supported water is closed from March 1st, 2018 to April 7th, 2018 for re-stocking. Thus all lessons must be booked prior to or after these dates. Anglers fishing at this level are expected to supply their own fly fishing gear. Also, N.C. resident anglers will need to purchase either a Comprehensive Inland Fishing or Sportsman license and non-resident anglers will need to purchase a 10 day Inland Fishing license along with a Special Inland Fishing license which is required for trout fishing on our local mountain trout waters. In addition, these licenses are available online from the N.C Wildlife Resource Commission or in person from one their agents.***

Recommended Gear-

  • 8 1/2 ft. to 9 ft. rods with 5 wt. to 6 wt floating lines.
  • Chest or waist-height waders made from a breathable fabric or lightweight neoprene.
  • Felt sole wading boots.
  • A hat of your choice.
  • Polarized sunglasses with lightly tinted lenses.

** Please note: Although we do provide rod & reel outfits as well as all terminal tackle needed for these trips, we do not provide waders or wading boots. Thus, purchasing a pair felt sole wading boots is HIGHLY recommended. Also, please note that due to variances in diet, we do not provide lunch so food of your choice is recommended as well.**






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