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Crustaceans: a trout's idea of seafood






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     Trout normally feed on two types of crustaceans. The first is a type of tiny freshwater shrimp called a Scud that inhabits aquatic weed beds in the slower sections of streams. However, North Carolina's mountain streams are both too swift and too mineral poor to create good habit for Scuds.





     Crayfish, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter. In fact, many fisherman have reported that upon examining the stomach contents of large Brown trout, they almost always include the remains of crayfish. Thus, wherever you find crayfish, you will also find large Brown's. In addition, crayfish are a favorite food of Smallmouth Bass who tend to attack crayfish flies with a vengeance. Thus, look for crayfish in sections of the stream with moderate to slow current and rocky or sandy bottoms.








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