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     Just as some Humans do, Trout too seem enjoy the occasional hors d'oeuvre of fresh escargot. In fact, in addition to May Flies, Caddis, Flies, Damsel Flies, Stone Flies, Forage Fish, and Crayfish, I have personally witnessed Trout feeding on Periwinkles which are small snails that inhabit the stream bead! In addition, on the rare occasions that I decide to keep and eat a wild trout, I always dissect the stomach in order to examine its contents and, on more than one occasion, I have found Periwinkles in their stomachs! Thus, when you observe a school of trout engaging in what I like to call "grazing behavior" where they are cruising the bottom of a pool looking for food, try using a black Golden Ribbed Hare's Ear and cast it so that it sinks to the bottom ahead of the cruising school of trout just like you would to a cruising bone fish or permit.






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